In Vivo Oxygen Imaging Workshop 2015

Oxygen Workshop 2015 flyer

Oxygen Workshop 2015 agenda and information.

Lecture 2. Howard Halpern. Imaging Oxygen with EPR and its Unique Relationship with other Physiologic Imaging. What Do We Learn?

Lecture 3. Boris Epel. Principles of EPR and Image Acquisition.

Lecture 4. Chuck Pelizzari. Oxygen Image-Guided Radiotherapy.

Lecture 5. Claudine Kieda. ROS production and tumor vessel normalization: increasing O2 delivery opens new therapeutic strategies to alleviate tumor hypoxia

Lecture 6. Boris Epel. EPR Imaging Instrumentation and Methodology.

Lecture 7. Michał Gonet. Registration of Three Dimensional Images from Power Doppler Ultrasound and EPR Imaging in live animals

Lecture 8. Martyna Krzykawska-Serda. Cancer development and treatment – oxygen as a driving factor.

Lecture 9. Boris Epel. Advanced EPR imaging methods.

Lecture 10. Boris Epel. Beyond oxygen. EPR Imaging of pH and GSH.

Registration training materials

Lecture 12. Boris Epel. Image registration.

MATLAB toolbox
Registration guide

Dataset 1. Loaded images
Dateset 2. Segmented images
Dataset 3. Registered data