In Vivo Oxygen Imaging Workshop 2012

Was held on 25 June 2012 at the University of Chicago

As a part of the mission of the EPR Center we will provide training and hands on experience for those who want to use EPR oxygen imaging in their research. This workshop is a resource provided by the National Biomedical EPR Center. We will discuss the kind of information that can be obtained from the oxygen image, how we obtain the image, and the preparations for such an image.  Will show how other information such as anatomic correlates from other images, might enhance the meaning of oxygen images.  Some basic principles of EPR and oxygen imaging will be discussed.

Preparation for the training on the interpretation of EPR oxygen images

  • Download EPRI toolbox for MATLAB™ [zip], unpack the archive content to any directory, e.g. "c:/"
  • Open MATLAB™, change current folder to "EPRI_toolbox_directory / workshop / EPRItoolbox"
  • Execute script set_epri_path.m, point to "EPRI_toolbox_directory / workshop / EPRItoolbox" directory
  • Run ImageBrowserGUI from MATLAB console
  • Load file "EPRI_toolbox_directory / workshop / pTCD50_MCa4_M60_002.mat"
oxygen_imaging_2012_1_0.JPG oxygen_imaging_2012_2_0.JPG
oxygen_imaging_2012_3_0.JPG oxygen_imaging_2012_4_0.JPG