Part of the Center's mission involves education of already highly skilled scientists in the nuances of EPR imaging to facilitate development and application of the technique in diffrent fields and parts of the world. To that end the center has taken on a number of outside scientists in our mentorship program. 

Mark Tseytlin, University of Denver, USA 

The Center provided Mark training in 3D and 4D EPR oxygen imaging. During two one-week visits Mark practiced image acquisition, animal handling and preparation for imaging. Additionally, Mark used Center resources for performing research of advanced imaging methods of multi-harmonic continuous wave acquisition. These methods promise 2-3 times higher signal to noise ratio as compared to conventional continuous wave methodologies. In addition, the Center provided Mark with image processing and reconstruction software and the advice for organization and running an animal imaging facility.

 Martyna Elas, Jagiellonian University, Poland 

Martyna was trained on the technology and process of operating an EPR imager. She was deeply immersed in the capablities and limitations of EPR pO2 imaging.  After her training she embarked on a project with the Center to coregister and corralate in vivo histologic samples with EPRi data. She was also heavily involved with several of the radiobiologic studies that the Center has undertaken. 

Kouichi Nakagawa, Graduate School of Health Sciences Hirosaki University, Japan

Kouichi received training in image acquisition and image processing. Under Center supervision he is building an imager for the needs of dermatology. Using this instrument he plans to access processes of skin damage during aging.