EPR imagers

250 MHz Continuous Wave Nitroxide Imager

Imaging system for electron paramagnetic resonance, designed and constructed in our laboratory. This includes the low frequency (250 MHz) imager and LabView-based data acquisition system. The diameter of homogeneous volume (DHV), with a field deviation of less than 40 ppm, is about 2 cm.


Pulse & Continuous Wave 250 MHz Imager 

Low frequency EPR system for rat/rabbit imaging. In a field of 90 G, it shows a very high homogeneity of the magnetic field of 3.6 milligauss over the 15 cm diameter volume. Continuous wave operation is controlled by LabView system. Pulse acquisition is controlled by SpecMan4EPR Im! console.


Human Size 250 MHz Imager

This is our largest imager with a coil outer diameter of 81'' and 30 cm DHV. This imager has Rapid Scan and continuous wave imaging capabilities.